Remember, remember

Ever been to Vienna?
Ever seen pictures of Josef Maria Auchentaller?

Well, I have – and you should.
A great city and a great artist! The last time we went to Vienna was in … 2009? Among others we visited the ‚Jugendstil pur‘ exhibition at the ‚Leopold Museum‘.
It was really great seeing it, and in it’s wake I drew this painting on our bedroom wall.
Sadly it hat to go when we went.

Last week I remembered it …  and … long story short:
Here it is again:

I just love it. I didn’t do it in black, this time I used bistre toned ink, which is a deep, redish-blue brown. This way it fits better into the bedroom with the wooden cabinets and the pictures of old maps.
I like the little circles falling down. As you can see I even drew some fallen down ones on the floor, out of general sight. At first it seemed a bit redundant, but then I even moved the bed to drew some behind the bed leg.


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Die Rote IRis

Die Rote IRis

Man muss der eignen Phantasie schon etwas entgegensetzen, das ist ja sonst nicht auszuhalten.

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