It’s aliiive!

I want to show you something.

I’ve read about it in the latest issue of the German gardening magazine Kraut&Rüben.
If you’re processing vegetables, root vegetables to be precise, and you’re cutting the top of a bit more generously than you use to do, say cut of about 1,5cm you can make it grow again.

You need to let it rest for a few hours. Set it aside, cut surface looking up, and let it dry. The cut will close itself up against germs.
Now you put it into a bowl of lukewarm water, cut surface down. The water should be about 1cm high. Only refill if all the water is sucked up.
In about two weeks you will have a small (!) amount of fresh green leaves to eat in the middle of winter.
You can try this with all root vegetables, I tried beetroot and carrot, it worked fine.
Please don’t try potatoes, because of the poisonous solanine in the sprouts.
It’s fun to try. To be honest I’m not sure what to do with it because it being so small a amount and all … but hey, it works!

It’s aliiive!

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