My dear …

… florist lady, sometimes you amaze me.

You know, when I told your colleague about my experiences in felting, I didn’t expect her or you to be interested. And I really did not expect you to actually want to try it yourself.
Of course I showed you how to do it. I even felted a flower for you. Just a quick version, not very pretty, not very good.

You know, when I do something like that, I don’t really expect anyone to be curious. I don’t expect them to actually go and give try it out.
But hey, I showed you, and then I went to do some actual work, and when I came back you did not only give it a try (and succeeded) you truly created a strange, shuffled together, rose shaped design of your own, and I can really see your imagination working on at least three different ideas. I know this will keep you a while.
Strange that you did not know it already, since you work with your hands so much and have years and years of experience…

You know, somehow I’m a bit sad that I have to leave you soon.

My dear …
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