Bridge Over Troubled Water

Felting is one of the things my, sometimes overactive, ecological conscience prevents me from doing. It’s a pity, because I know no better way to swamp a bathroom as an adult with full formal approval and no questions asked afterwards.

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But sadly I don’t do that very often any more.
For once there is the sheep problem. Know what I’m talking about?
Secondly there are only so many useful things you can felt.

But I still have a bit lots of felting wool at home and since my mother asked me to make some felted leaves for her, I had another go at it.

Making one flat, green plate wasn’t worth the trouble, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any useful and felted thing I may have need for in the foreseeable future. So I decided to make some additional flowers, because while not exceptionally useful there is always a use for them and also they can be felted.
They prove to be an ideal addition to the felted cord holding the curtains in our living room.

While browsing my data I discovered a lot of old pictures of things I felted some years ago. I was really into the thing. There must be a lot more somewhere. For example there is a chain of lights with shades made of felted flowers. My mother has them. I, on the other hand have no picture to prove it.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

2 Gedanken zu „Bridge Over Troubled Water

  1. „For once there is the sheep problem. Know what I’m talking about?“

    Aren’t there any alternative sources for wool?

    1. Yes, there are. You have to look hard, but there is organic wool out there.
      You can even buy organic merino wool from the south of Germany.
      It’s not easy to find.

      And you still have to shear the sheep. And thats no pleasure for them, or for the shepherd, I guess …

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