.:. Mightiest and Fairest of all F-Elves .:. Of the Rings

The Rings

That’s it, folks.
Funny enough, it’s not only the end of this series but also the end of the year.
Do you believe me if I say it was not planed this way?

So, what’s your favorite?
Did you enjoy it?
Myself, I most certainly did.

If you want some of the paintings for your own, you can buy copies at artflakes:

poster und Kunstdrucke kaufen

Or just ask me if you want something special (like … say a small dragon painted in your daughters nursery).

This post is part of the Series
‘Mightiest and Fairest of all F-Elves – Illustrating Tolkiens Silmarillion’
You will find all the pictures in my Portfolio

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Die Rote IRis

Die Rote IRis

Man muss der eignen Phantasie schon etwas entgegensetzen, das ist ja sonst nicht auszuhalten.