Where have all the leaves gone?

It’s really cold and wet and dark outside. November has finally arrived and put an end to pretty autumn and golden October days.

If you have perchance some leave coming and maybe you are thinking about taking a break from the cold why don’t you consider taking a trip to Seville, Spain?

It’s a great city, I believe. And while you are there you can visit the public library, the Biblioteca Infanta Elena, where you will find paintings from all the contestants of the Niggle Contest 2013 held by the Spanish Tolkien Society, and among them not one, but two pictures of mine! But don’t be late. The exhibition end on November, 30th.

You can use this link for further information (if you can speak read Spanish).
(Do you see the statues? The little leaves? The pretty one is mine.)


Where have all the leaves gone?

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