Good Old Reliable

The folks over at the headquarter of the ‚German Tolkien Society‘ must think me nuts.
Every time they announce any kind of art competition – photographs, drawing … – my name is guaranteed to pop up, entering with at least one piece of work.

They really must think I have nothing better to do?
Well, maybe I don’t? Maybe I like being creative, wrapping my mind around given tasks?

But maybe they’re happy I’m there every single time?
So, at least there is one participant …

Maybe you’re wondering what this is all about?
About a month ago the German Tolkien Society opened up an artist competition on the design of this years ‚DTG collectible coaster‘.
Yesterday the winner was announced, and as it turns out they choose my design for this year!

You can read the full article here.

It took me well over two years, till a couple of days ago, to realize that a ‚collectible coaster‘ is in no way the same thing as this – similarly looking and important – item that we in Bavaria use to call ‚bierfuizl‘.

As you can see, I didn’t let this little fact disturb my idea in any way.

Good Old Reliable

3 Gedanken zu „Good Old Reliable

  1. Wait, what? It’s not? But what is it supposed to be then?
    O.K., I see that the material is a liiiittle bit different. Which makes perfect sense considering that you don’t want your guests to rip your collectible coasters apart (wich is what eventually happens to all Bierfuizl, of course). But you can still use it to put your beverages on it? So it IS a Bierfuizl.

    1. Well … yes, but a ‚bierfuizl‘ is always sponsored by a brewery or some other beverage producing company, and nearly always contains some sort of advertisement.
      This produces some sort of design … limitations, something that the general term ‚collectible coaster‘ not does.

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