What I do like about winter

15 Things I do like about winter

1. watching birds at the ‚Futterhäusl‘
2. the world becoming monocrome
3. spending christmas with my family
4. sunny, bitter cold january days
5. fresh snow

6. a hot cup of tea and the cold outside
7. baking for christmas (does not really count, because of beeing more of a autumn ocupation)
7.2. ice crystals
8. the smell of oranges and mandarines
9. having an extremely geeky new years eve party with your friends
10. snow falling

11. reading or hearing the ‚Lord of the Rings‘ again
12. the fragrance of coniferous trees
13. my version of a christmas tree – done with natural stuff only
14. witch hazel and christmas rose
15. hot spicy indian food to keep you warm from the inside

What I do like about winter
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