It’s that time of the year again – a giveaway


This is an old halloween tradition reaching back ’till 2010 when it was invented by one of my all-time-favorites Neil Gaiman.

Maybe you have never heard of this thing … best to let neilhimself to the explaining:

So this Halloween I will give the first person to say „pretty please“ a scary book from my bookshelf.
No, you don’t get to choose which one, that’s part of the scary.
It will be a book that I have not read. – I’ve read other things by this author and I intend to read something from him sometime in the future. It will be a german translation – and no, thats NOT the scary part.

Maybe there will be candy to. But it will be hidden in a book because a book is like candy for the mind.

So, please comment if you want candy a new book.

Are you giving any books?
Which books do you give?
Which books would you want to get?

It’s that time of the year again – a giveaway

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  1. REPLY:
    I was hoping someone from far away would give it a new home, thats why I didn’t comment. But now it feels unwanted I guess.
    So if you still want to give it away, I’ll help. Even though it’s scary.

    (But this doesn’t seem to be the proper way. No one who doesn’t meet IRis and her books on a regular basis out there?)

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