Back in Bavaria a colleague and good friend of mine promised me a fare-ye-well present. Now it arrived and it’s an awesome model of a victorian-style glasshouse!
It’s made of some thin, minted metal … sort of sheets and you have to fold it and put it together yourself.
Which cost me the better part of an evening. Which is quite easy.
It’s finished now and looking only a bit battered.

Thank you Micha! I love you for this! It’s already inhabited!
First the gargoyle wanted to move in but there was not enough room …
Now there is a baby dragon living there, complete with his own little slice of forest

Here are more impressions:


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  1. Oh, it’s lovely (but admittedly a bit wonky. That’s okay, it adds character!) and the dragon in there is awesome. Makes me think of „Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13“ Do you know that book?

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