Shades of Green

I’m a bit particular when it comes to green colours.
There are a lot of greens in my watercolour boxes – but they are all ugly. Well there is one shade of olive green … but the rest is ugly!

So I went to my secret hoard where – apart from more ugly greens – there are three boxes of really great looking green pigments (with poisonous sounding names like cobalt green, moss green or cadmium green) and a lifelong supply of shells from the Adriatic.

Behold! my! first! watercolours!

And tell you what?
It’s quite easy!
And it’s more fun to paint from shells than from tins!

Aparently in ye olden days you could buy watercolours in shells.
It was the industrial revolution that put a stop to this.
What a shame.

Shades of Green
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