Monat: April 2012


Back in Bavaria a colleague and good friend of mine promised me a fare-ye-well present. Now it arrived and it’s an awesome model of a victorian-style glasshouse! It’s made of some thin, minted metal … sort of sheets and you have to fold it and put it together yourself. Which cost me the better part […]

Vote for me!

This goes out to all the Tolkien people out there. For the next two weeks you can vote on the „Middle Earth is everywere“ – DTG photo contest. Click here to go to the poll. You can select up to three pictures – and naturally mine are the best! Mua-ha-ha!


On Good Friday Zelde over at Indigobirds did a very lovely review of my blog. „Thank you my Dear! I’m feeling very honoured and a bit embarrassed too.“ You may want to visit her blog from time to time. I’ve known Zelde for some time now, at first from the big-bad-needlework-online-forum and later from her […]

busy bee

I’ve just finally finished scanning all of my pictures of 2008. Well the nice ones. Still a good number. (No, 2008 was not the year of the one-picture-a-day-project. It was the year I started to like my drawings) So now I just need to find a good programm to edit all of them. With ‚Windows‘ […]

A Song for Springtime

The Secred Language of Birds Do you have a song in your collection that reminds you of spring? Of birds, and flowers and life and hope? For me ‚The Secret Language of Birds‘ does the job. It’s from a solo album (with the same titel) of Ian Anderson the frontman of the famous Jethro Tull.

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