It’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike yellow

I think I’ve made some pigments. May as well be dirt, I’m not sure.

Remember the colour-sap?
I carefully added a few teaspoons of soda-water (sodium carbonate and water) to the sap. The Book said to use only a few drops but I ended using up about half a cup.
The sap begun to foam, which it should.
After vigorous stirring, the foam was sifted through a thin cloth.
A layer of … foamy, muddy, greasy stuff remained and was stored in the sun to dry.

Now it looks like this, and it should be pigment.
Also it should be yellow.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not really impressed.
Nevertheless I will consult The Book and try to make watercolours out of it. One can never have enough ochre.

The remaining liquid seems to be also a kind of ochre.

and when painted and dried looks like this:


I don’t know what to do with it.
Maybe I’ll add some gum arabic to make ink.
Or I’ll concentrate it further to make these shell-thingies again.
Or I soak some tissue to make „Glue-size“ (the german term is „Tüchleinfarbe“)
Or …
So much possibilities!
What do you thing?

It’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike yellow

3 Gedanken zu „It’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike yellow

  1. Maybe not yellow but still rather pretty 🙂 and maybe Zelde’s right and the colour changes some still after being made into paint?
    I’m also curios about the shell paint (no idea what that is) so maybe do that? 😀

  2. Not veeeeeery yellow addmitedly. Maybe it will get better after actually being made into a paint. I love the shell paints so I’m all for making another one of those.

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