So whats that Anderswelt-thingy anyway?

It all started back in 2006 at the anual Thing of the German Tolkien Society.
It took place at the count’s castle Diez. (which is a really beautiful building) where there are lots and lots of tiny, litle Drawings of Fairytale Creatures hidden all over the builing, so you could wander from room to room searching for all those little treasures.

Here are a few pictures of some of them:

Three years later I decided that I wanted the same for my rooms.
That’s how the Project Anderswelt 1.0 was born and it was a huge success.
Today I’ve got a new flat, I’ve killed (almost) all of the pictures, and I’m ready to start anew.
Sadly my flat isnt ready yet, so you will have to wait a few weeks before there are any NEW roommates – but there are a lot of OLD ones I will show you soon.

So whats that Anderswelt-thingy anyway?
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